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Aluminum door frames

Our company offers fireproof and sound insulating doors in aluminum door frames.

In cooperation with a German company Küffner Aluzargen our engineers have created a new product, which combines the good features of aluminum frames and the technical parameters of doors produced by Līva AB Nord.

Līva AB Nord is the only official representative of  Küffner Aluzargen GmbH & Co. OHGcooperation in the Baltic States. Four different basic product series are available, which are further divided into specialized products. Thus, it is possible to choose the most suitable solution according to your wishes and needs.

Cantain profile shape with a radius from 0.5 to 2 mm. Suitable for modern architectural solutions and use in public spaces. Especially suitable for interiors of banks, insurance companies and administrative institutions.

Ultra thin angular shaped frames with a radius of 0.3 mm. Visible part of the frame or shadow seams 10 mm thick. Suitable for use in innovative and sophisticated design solutions.

Modern shaped frames with a corresponding radius of around 8mm. Especially suitable for use in schools, kindergartens or public swimming pools.

Functional shapes with a corner radius of around 18 mm. This type of frames is especially suitable for use in hospitals, care facilities, sports facilities and schools.

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