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Day inpatient building opened at the children's hospital

On Wednesday, January 4, at the Children's Clinical University Hospital (BKUS), the renovated building of the Day Hospital was solemnly opened, where doors manufactured by Līva AB Nord were installed
Within this project, a unique door design was developed, which was realized in life by the employees of Līva AB Nord. Veneer imitation HPL door decoration creates a cozy feeling for patients, while ensuring durability and meeting door maintenance requirements in the hospital. Renovation work was carried out in building 26 of the Children's Clinical University Hospital SIA PRO DEV. 65aW0TcWE15bZkUSs22-rh6fU3fKoLU1lqZEWMgHNJWuMkJrySt8Hwq_iIy3_CGI_Q&__tn__=-" target="_blank">Līva AB Nord


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